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About us

Everyone should have the opportunity to shine their light on the world. At the GOGO Foundation, we believe that if we can create safe, loving, enriching and brave spaces of belonging for people to grow, to be whole and to thrive, then we are doing our bit to create a safer, inclusive and more humane world for all.

group of women who have completed the Inclusive Work Program, standing together, smiling for camera

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster equity in society by using our skills, networks, partnerships, financial mechanisms, voice, advocacy, programs, events and intuition to challenge, dismantle, prevent  and remove disadvantage and marginalisation to bring about equity, inclusion, agency and full community participation for all people, but in particular women and non-binary people.

Our Values

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Deep Listening

We listen carefully to our community, partners, participants and our intuition.

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We aim to bring the margin to the centre in all we do.

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We value transparency, giving and receiving, and shared outcomes driven by impact

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Strengths based

We work with what our community has in abundance.

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Work Program

Inclusive Work Program is a 10 week curated program that includes wellbeing, foundational work-skills training, mentoring and work immersions and is designed to create targeted pathways to employment for women and non-binary people facing complex barriers to employment.


These barriers can include experience of family and domestic violence, poor mental health, social isolation and primary caring responsibilities.

"The opportunity to come together as a group and the regularity this involved. Whilst our ‘issues’ may have been different, there were the common threads of marginalisation & detachment from the paid workplace that allowed us to share openly and build strong levels of trust & rapport between us."

 - IWP Participant, Pilot April 2021

Looking for...

Reports, Resources and Research

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Read the latest GOGO impact reports and 2021 Annual Report here.

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Listen to podcasts, read GOGO research and key sector articles here!

Clients, Partners,
Collaborators and Supporters

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