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The Inclusive Work Program is a 9 week person-focused program designed to create targeted pathways to employment for women and non-binary people who face complex barriers to employment. These barriers can include poor mental health, experience of domestic and family violence, trauma and anxiety, and limited network for job connections and caring responsibilities.

Why join the Inclusive Work Program?

Hear it from from our participants themselves!

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Recently released from prison, Lisa gained self-esteem, great friends, skills and the courage to tell her story.

- Lisa

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4. Understanding the value of a diverse society, knowing where I fit in and how my lived experience can provide strength and empowerment to others.

5. Having a clear vision of my future and embracing the actions and commitments I am taking to bring this to reality.

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6. Knowing that we all have a deep need to be valued and belong. Being part of a community is a key to wellbeing.

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The Inclusive Work Program is a 9 week course that supports women and non-binary people with complex barriers to employment  into safe, sustainable employment.
We support our participants to:

3. Knowing and mastering the foundational work skills required to ensure I am a successful and valued member of a workplace.

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7. Having safe, sustainable, suitable and fulfilling employment is a right and a vehicle for me to grow, value myself, have financial independence and financial resilience.

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1. Understanding how to manage my wellbeing and have a wellbeing toolkit to draw upon.

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2. Understanding and embracing my values, strengths, abilities and the gifts I have to share with the world.

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