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Annual Reports

GOGO Foundation 2022 Annual Report_Website_Page_01.jpg

GOGO Foundation Annual Report 2022

GOGO Foundation Annual Report 2021_Page_01.jpg

GOGO Foundation Annual Report 2021

Inclusive Work Program
Impact and Learning Reports

In the Media

We support: 
National strategic reform

National plan to end violence and against women and their children 2023-2033

A 10-year-plan to unleash the full capacity and contribution of women to the Australian economy 2023-2033

Closing the Gap

The objective of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap (the National Agreement) is to enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and governments to work together to overcome the inequality experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and achieve life outcomes equal to all Australians.

Working Future: The Australian Government's white paper on Jobs and Opportunities September 2023

Violence or poverty

A dire choice for many Australian women

Punishment for profit

How private providers became the only sinners in Australia's cruel employment services system

Australian National research organisation for Women’s safety

Boosting opportunity for Australia’s most disadvantaged through social enterprise

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