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GOGO Foundation is looking for our next Treasurer. Could it be you?

We are on a mission to support women with complex barriers into safe and sustainable employment. 80% of the women that complete our 9-week Inclusive Work Program have found fulfilling and suitable work within 6 months of completing the program, and their lives and those of their families are changed forever.

We are looking for our new Board Treasurer who will build the financial security and stability of our Foundation, consolidate our numerous income streams and meet our financial and compliance obligations.

Could this be you?

Do you have these skills and experience?

  • Strong financial management and accounting background, budgeting and financial reporting

  • Knowledge of financial regulations unique to the not for profit sector including fundraising, grant management and tax-exempt status

  • Ability to develop and monitor budgets, forecast financial needs and provide financial guidance to the Board to ensure fiscal responsibility and sustainability

  • Understanding of audit processes, internal controls and risk management practices to safeguard the organisation’s assets and financial integrity

  • Experience in managing Xero accounting platform

  • Deep understanding of governance and compliance in not for profit sector, to ensure adherence to legal and regulatory obligations

  • The ability to effectively communicate complex financial information to fellow Board members, the CEO and other stakeholders, promoting transparency and accountability

  • The ability to work collaboratively with other Board members, especially in financial decision making; providing financial insights to support GOGO Foundations strategic goals

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to assess financial data and make informed decision financial recommendations to the Board

  • A strong commitment to ethical conduct and integrity in financial matters, ensuring compliance with ethical standards and financial transparency

  • Availability to dedicate sufficient time to fulfil the responsibilities of the Treasurer/Director role, including attending Board meetings, providing support to the CEO, and engaging in financial oversight activities

  • Awareness of legal requirements related to financial reporting, tax filings and other financial compliance aspects relevant to not for profit organisations

  • A mindset focused on stewardship and fiduciary duty towards GOGO Foundation's mission and resources, ensuring that financial decisions align with the organisation’s strategic plan.

If this sounds like you, please reach out to our CEO Sarah Gun and our Board Chair Mary-Anne Healy via this link and we will be in touch. We look forward to exploring this opportunity with you.

Please note: This is not a remunerated position.

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